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Creativity in the Twenty First Century

Autor: Tan, Ai-Girl

Editorial: Springer

Categoría: Expresiones audiovisuales

Enlace: http://www.springer.com/series/13859



"Creativity in the Twenty-First Century Book Series" repositions "creativity" as a boundary-crossing discipline that is essential to learning and teaching, social-economic dialogues, academic discourses and cultural practices, as well as technological and digital communications. The series serves as a timely platform, bringing together like-minded scientists and researchers around the world to share their diverse perspectives on creativity and to engage in open and productive inquiries into promoting creativity for a more peaceful and harmonious world. Researchers and practitioners from all continents are invited to share their discipline-specific insights, research orientations and cultural practices, as well as to pose new questions on what creativity is, how to promote it, which directions to pursue, who should participate, and so on.

The book series is led by emerging eminent and senior scientists, researchers, and educators in the fields of creativity, psychology, the cultural sciences and education studies. They create networks of sharing and spread innovative publishing opportunities within the communities of practice. They invest considerable time and effort in deepening creativity expertise, structuring creativity programs, and organizing creativity activities for the communities of interest. The book series aims not only to "glue together" like-minded scientists (community of practice) to share benefits of creativity theorizing, research and practice, but also to encourage non-experts (community of interest) in all societies to become supporters and spokespersons of positive engagement in creative learning, teaching and dialogues.

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